Edinboro University

Directions, Parking and Campus Buildings


From interstate 79 take exit 166 to 6N, turn east and go through the traffic light at Wal-Mart. Drive approximately three miles to the town of Edinboro. Proceed through the first light. At the second light, turn right onto Ontario Street. Ontario Street will become Scotland Road on campus. The parking lot is at the corner of Scotland Road and Scot Road (just down the hill).



Participants should park in the Lake Front (D-1) parking lot adjacent to Mallory Lake. Note: the lake in the above map is Edinboro Lake. Lake Mallory is a much smaller lake located on campus.

Campus Buildings

Conference presentations will take place in Ross Hall, Meals and the keynote will occur in Van Houten Dining Hall and the programming contest will be in the first floor of the Baron-Forness Library.

Ross Hall is located across the street from the parking lot. It is connected to one end of the cross campus bridge and should be quite noticeable. The registration, and conference presentations will occur on the first floor of Ross Hall. The entrance under the bridge, labeled A on the map, is on the ground floor and you will have to climb the stairs to reach the first floor for registration. There is an elevator to the right as you enter the building.

View of Ross Hall from the parking lot.

Van Houten Dining Hall is located a short walk from the end of the bridge opposite Ross Hall. Dinner on Friday evening as well as Lunch on Saturday will take place in Van Houten South. Van Houten is accessed through the east entrance labeled C on the map, or through the doors to the dining room labeled D. Please note, the building is mislabeled as Baron-Forness Library on Google Maps.

Baron-Forness Library is located just off the end of the bridge opposite Ross Hall. When you exit the bridge, you will be headed directly towards the main entrance, labeled B. The programming contest will take place in the Math Lab on the first floor of Baron-Forness.

The official campus map is here.